Whenever you take the garbage bag out of the trash bin you find yourself with smelly hands? Here is the tip to avoid it happening again and to minimize bad smells.

One of the most hated household chores in the world is to take the garbage bag out of the trash bin and close it with your bare hands. The reason? It often emanates terrible smells, whose "aroma" does not go away even after washing your hands with soap. Who has never found himself/herself with dirty and smelly hands after doing this? To the delight of all housewives, the best solution has been reached to prevent it from happening again and to avoid having to run to the bathroom to disinfect your hands: just continue reading.

The tip to prevent the trash bin from stinking

Say goodbye to chemicals to eliminate bad odors from the trash bin, there is a very simple and inexpensive tip to hide them. You do not need to use detergents or potentially toxic products to buy in the supermarket, just use a simple cotton ball and some essential oils. It is possible to use both cotton wool and some make-up remover pads, both of which can be bought at the supermarket, the important thing is to cover the bottom of the trash bin. As for essential oils, however, it is advisable to choose someone with antibacterial properties such as lemon or citronella. In extreme cases, it is also possible to use eucalyptus oil which has the advantage of being an insect repellent. Each cotton ball must be wet with about twenty drops of essential oil and, once positioned on the base of the trash bin, in a jiffy the smell will disappear. For optimal results, however, it will be necessary to throw away the garbage bag once every two days and replace the cotton ball when it loses its fragrance. In this way the bad smells will be reduced to a minimum, and your home will always be perfumed.