Apéro de la duchesse: if you love potatoes and cheese this is the perfect recipe for you

Potato, cheese and a great taste.

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Easy recipe that including a great hacks, try it!

Ingredients: 1 kg potatoes, 100 gr butter, 6 egg yolks, parsley, Camembert, salt.



1) Boil the potatoes and put them in a bowl;

2) Add the batter and smash all together;

3) Add 6 egg yolks, salt and parsley;

4) Cut a plastic bottle and make a star on the top;

5) Insert the bottle in a plastic bag and then fill it with mashed potatoes.

6) Make some spirals around the camembert and bake at 356°F (180°) for 20 minutes;

7) Serve and enjoy.

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Ingredients: 4 potatoes, 3 eggs, 250ml heavy cream, Salt, Pepper, 9 slices ham, 6 slices cheese.



1)In a medium bowl, grate 4 potatoes.

2) In another bowl, mix eggs with heavy cream. Season with salt and pepper.

3) Add grated potatoes. Transfer mixture to the baking dish, and smooth the top with spatula.

4) Bake for 30 minutes at 200°C/390°F.

5) Add slices of ham in the baking form and cover with cheese, roll it and bake for 5 minutes.

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