• Apricots 300gr
  • Isinglass 10gr
  • Fresh cream 150ml, to be whipped
  • White sugar 100gr • 392 kcal
  • Water 3 tbsps
  • Apricots 1 (or some tuft of whipped cream)
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The apricot mousse is a fresh and summery dessert based on apricot. The apricot is one of the most representative fruits of the Italian summers, excellent in the form of juice or jam, I often use it to prepare tarts and desserts in general, and the apricot mousse is one of them.

Actually, this apricot mousse is very similar to a pudding but its consistency is still frothy, despite the presence of the isinglass that makes it more "solid" compared to the classic mousses that we are used to eating.


You have to use only four ingredients to make the apricot mousse, it is a simple dessert but it has however some calories (because of the cream).

First of all, put the isinglass in a container with cold water to soften it.

After washing the apricots, dry them gently, remove the core and cut them in half.

Cut each half into two slices and each slice into four parts.

Put all the apricots in a container and mix them with an immersion blender. For the success of the recipe it is fundamental to use ripe fruit, which will then be soft and sweet.

Take a bit of apricot purée and put it in a small saucepan with three tablespoons of water and the softened and squeezed isinglass, cook over very low heat for thirty seconds or one minute just long enough to melt the isinglass, stirring continuously.

Add this mixture of isinglass and purée to the previously prepared purée, add also the sugar and blend well. Separately, whip the fresh cream and add it to the mixture.

Combine very gently the whipped cream and the purée using a whisk or a spoon, with slow movements from top to bottom to prevent the cream to collapse.

At this point you only have to choose the container you prefer to serve your mousse: small glasses, a large pudding mold (maybe in silicone) or single-dose molds. In the last two cases, you should be careful to brush the mold with cold water before pouring the apricot mousse into it.

Put everything in the refrigerator for not less than three hours and, in the case of the aforementioned molds, before serving them dip them a moment in hot water, to facilitate the detachment of the apricot mousse from them.

Take them out and serve them, decorating as desired with a few tufts of whipped cream or with a few thin slices of apricot. The apricot mousse can be very well preserved in the refrigerator for a few days.


Precisely because it is not a pudding, for the apricot mousse I preferred to try various containers for the presentation because I had no idea of the post-refrigeration result; now I can say that there is no preference, even in the single-dose mold the result is good and the consistency of the apricot mousse has allowed me to serve the single dose portion you can see in the first picture.

And now a final clarification, perhaps obvious: nothing forbids you to replace the apricots with peaches, or with a mango, with strawberries or with melon, the important thing is that you use well ripe fruit and with a consistency similar to apricots.

If you love amaretto biscuits, you can serve the apricot mousse with a crumbled biscuits base for each cup or you can flavor the mixture with an amaretto liqueur.