We all have our favorite drinks to order at a bar, but did you know that some drink orders really irritate the bar staff? Some of them are time-consuming to make, some make their hands sticky, and some should always be ordered first, not last.

A lot of the time the issue is about the time it takes to make certain drinks, especially when they have a bar full of impatient customers, so you might want to reconsider that order for a complicated cocktail if you want to keep your bartender happy and smiling.

Read on to find out about the drinks bar staff really wish we wouldn’t order!

Long Island Iced Tea

This one is unpopular with bartenders because of the time it takes to make, especially when they have a busy bar full of customers waiting. ‘Real’ Long Island iced tea has four or five different types of liquor in it, and that takes precious time to make.


Mojitos take a long time to make, and the sugar and lime leaves the bartender’s hands all sticky, so you probably won’t be popular if you order this, especially if it’s busy.



Margaritas are easy to make, but the 20 seconds it takes to properly shake the drink annoys bartenders to the extreme, especially if they have a line of people waiting.

Strawberry Daiquiri

Another pet hate of bartenders is the strawberry daiquiri, especially when the customer demands that it’s made so they can taste the alcohol in it.

A ‘Surprise’

The most annoying customer order according to a lot of bartenders is the ‘surprise me’ request. This happens when a customer doesn’t know what they want to drink, and asks the bartender to surprise them. Nine times out of ten they’ll get the surprise drink and ask if they can change it as they don’t like it…

If you do want the bartender to surprise you, at least give them an idea of the liquor flavors you like so they can find something that will suit you.

Guinness – Ordered Last

Apparently, ordering lots of drinks then adding a Guinness to the end of the order is a cardinal sin. Guinness should always be ordered first.