Cake cheese flower: the best creamy savory pie you’ll ever eat

Savory tasty flower to make special you meal.

By Cookist

A simple and delicious recipe to make everyone very happy.

Ingredients: Reblochon, puff pastry, 3 eggs, 25 cl cream, bacon, black pepper, 3 potatoes, parsley, red onion.



1) Cut the Reblochon using a glass, keep the center;

2) Cut in half the cheese and put it on the puff pastry and make a flower;

3) In a large bowl mix eggs, cream, bacon, cheese, black pepper, parsley and potatoes. Mix well;

4) Pour the mixture in the flower shape;

5) Add chopped red onion and bake at 356°F (180°) for 20 minutes.

Another and tasty flower you'll can try: Tomato and pesto flower: 2 different flavors in one beautiful dish!

Ingredients: pizza dough, pesto, tomato puree, Parmesan, cheese Brie.



1) Spread the tomato puree and pesto on the pizza dough, dust with a generous amount of Parmesan cheese, then roll up it up;

2) Refrigerate it for 30 minutes and then slice it into wheels;

3) Cut off the top of a round of brie cheese and place the pizza wheels all around it;

4) Bake at 180°C for 30 minutes;

5) Serve hot topped with some basil leaves.

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