Chicken avocado wrappers: a tasty stuffed for a unique flavor

The quick idea to prepare a tasty dinner.

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To spend a good evening with friends you'll need good food. This simple and mouthwatering recipe is perfect!

Ingredients: Chicken breast, oil, salt, black pepper, herbs, 1 avocado, coriander, cream cheese, fajitas, shredded cheddar.



1) Place the chicken breast into a plate and cover with oil, salt, black pepper and herbs;

2) Cook the chicken until brown;

3) Cut the chicken into cubes and put in a large bowl;

4) Peel and cut the avocado and chop the coriander;

6) Mix together chicken, avocado, coriander and cream cheese;

7) Fill the fajitas and add the shredded cheddar;

8) Cook the Fajitas in a pan with oil or butter;

9) Serve hot and with salad;


Try also this recipe: Tortilla cake: something that no one ever thought of before!

Ingredients: 400g chicken breast; salt; black pepper; olive oil, as needed; 6 flour tortillas


1. Cook the chicken breast in a pan covered with a lid for 25 minutes. Once it’s ready, slice it up.
2. Place 6 flour tortillas all around a cake pan. Fill with stringy cheese, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and the chicken. Close it up and bake for 30 minutes.
3. Serve hot

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