• Flour type 00 200gr
  • Eggs 5 • 130 kcal
  • Sugar 270gr • 470 kcal
  • Sunflower oil 100ml • 900 kcal
  • Water 150ml
  • Baking powder for sweets 1 small bag
  • Cream of tartar 9gr
  • Vanilla essence 1 tsp
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The Chiffon Cake is the famous American ring-shaped cake characterized by softness and fluffiness. Simple to prepare at home, it can be flavored with vanilla, orange or lemon peel, or even with chocolate chips. The Chiffon Cake can be also used as a base for other cakes but it requires a mold at least 12cm high, so that in the oven the dough does not come out during leavening.


In a large bowl sift the flour and the baking powder (1). Add 250 grams of sugar and blend well (2). In the center, create a space for the egg yolks, the vanilla essence, oil and water (3). Blend energetically with a manual whisk to prevent the formation of lumps.

Separately, in a second bowl, whip the egg whites until stiff (4). Add almost immediately the cream of tartar (5) and when your egg whites have incorporated a good quantity of air, add the remaining sugar (6). Once you have finished, your egg whites will have to be firm enough not to fall if you overturn the bowl.

Add half of the egg whites to the egg mixture (7) and blend gently from bottom to top so that they do not collapse. When they are well amalgamated, add the remaining part. Once the dough is ready (8), pour it into the mold and bake at 180 degrees for about 60 minutes (9).

To verify that the cooking has been correctly done, use a wooden toothpick: if inserting it in the cake, it does not remain attached to the dough then the chiffon cake is well cooked. Let the chiffon cake cool, decorate it with powdered sugar and lemon peel which will give it a delicious scent.


The flavored chiffon cake is perfect for breakfast or for the snack of your children, but with some little variations it can become a great dessert. Cut the cake in half and fill it with raspberry jam and whipped cream, decorate the surface with powdered sugar and fresh raspberries and you're done. The chiffon cake has magically become a fresh and delicious dessert. Preserve the chiffon cake in a hermetically sealed container so that it does not dry out excessively.


The Chiffon Cake can be preserved for 3 days covered with a cloth or in a container. It is recommended not to freeze it.


The story of Chiffon Cake is full of mystery but it is known that it was invented by Harry Baker, an insurer with an obsession with sweets looking for a very fluffy and tall cake. Baker arrived at the Brown Derby in Los Angeles and served it there as a sweet. There it was born its success, also because of the particular secret recipe.