Do you keep the milk in the refrigerator door? It's an absolutely wrong choice because it makes the product go bad more easily: let's find out why.

Have you always believed you were using the refrigerator the right way? You probably were wrong. Everyone will have stored the water or milk bottle in the refrigerator door, but very few people know that it is an absolutely wrong choice. The reason? It is the hottest part of this electrical appliance and, being exposed to continuous temperature changes, makes the products to go easily bad. In short, that compartment is the worst part of the refrigerator for storing drinks and foods that deteriorate with hot temperatures and, on the contrary, should be constantly chilled.

The milk should be placed in the central and lower shelves, alongside cheeses, dairy products, meat and fish, where the temperature is lower. As for the refrigerator door, however, in that space it would be better to put foods with natural preservatives such as fruit juices, jams and condiments, which can last long even when exposed to hot temperatures with a certain frequency.

Foods that do not need cooking, however, such as meats and food leftovers, can be stored in the upper part, while fruit and vegetables go in the drawers at the bottom. In short, storing food inside this electrical appliance is not so easy, even if it appears to be quite intuitive. For all those who want to avoid wastefulness it would be better to follow these simple tips and above all to avoid putting certain products in the refrigerator, so as not to lose their specific nutritional properties.