Each guest will have the right portion to enjoy his meal, let's see how.

Ingredients: fresh cream; parsley; eggs; bacon; salt; pepper; shredded cheese. For sticks: Emmental cheese; flour; egg beaten, breadcrumbs; wooden sticks.


1) Pour the fresh cream into little pots;

2) Add parsley and two eggs for each pot;

3) Add salt, pepper; bacon and shredded cheese;

4) Bake at 360°F (180°) for 10 minutes.


1) Insert the wooden sticks into the Emmental cheese;

2) Cut and make the sticks;

3) Put them into flour; egg beaten and breadcrumbs;

4) Fry in hot oil and serve with egg casserole.

Prepare many different dish with egg, for example: Bell pepper framed egg

You only need three ingredients to make this colorful and tasty dish!

Ingredients:  bell peppers; eggs; tomato; pepper; salt.


1) Slice the bell peppers and tomatoes;

2) Pan-fry the bell peppers, then use a slice of tomato as a base for each bell pepper;

3) Add an egg at the center of each pepper and cook for 5/7 minutes;

4) Season with salt and pepper.