• Black beans 250gr
  • Pork sausages 200gr
  • Smoked pork bacon 100gr
  • Pork spareribs 200gr
  • Cherry tomatoes 6
  • Onion 1
  • Extra-virgin olive oil as much as it is needed
  • Sea salt as much as it is needed

What is Feijoada?

Feijoada is one of the typical Brazilian courses and the word literally means "beans". In fact, the feijoada is a course based on black beans and different cuts of pork meat and it is cooked by first boiling the pork meat alone, then later with sausage and legumes. Because of long cooking times, usually it is prepared and then eaten on Saturdays and Sundays.

Feijoada is accompanied by boiled white rice or farofa, the cassava flour worked with butter.

How to make feijoada

The preparation of feijoada starts from the night before, soaking the black beans overnight, in a bowl full of water. Once the beans are ready to be used, you have to rinse them and put them in a large pot.

Now you have to prepare the meat. (1) Cut the pork loin slices into strips. Cut the pork sausage into small pieces. Instead, pork ribs do not need to be cut. (2) Now put the meat in a large pot with the beans, and cover with plenty of water. Season with salt, and put the pot over medium heat. At this point if the feijoada is foaming on the surface it is because the fat of the meat is dissolving in the water. (3) Meanwhile, in a separate frying pan, fry the onion (that you have previously cut into slices) with a bit of oil and add the bacon. Let it brown for a few minutes.

Add the cherry tomatoes cut into wedges. Let the tomatoes dry out and (5) add all the ingredients to the feijoada. Taste again and add salt if needed. The cooking time of the feijoada is at least two hours and a half. At the end of cooking, the feijoada must be moist but not too liquid. (6) When serving, take an orange and a smooth blade knife.

Cut the peel vertically, removing the white skin from the slices. Now, following the borders of the slices, use the knife to extract the slice without breaking it. If you accompany the feijoada with rice, then boil 200 grams of rice in plenty of salted water.

What goes with Brazilian Feijoada?

It is traditionally served with garlic rice, sauteed cabbage, a spicy vinaigrette and farofa.


Tradition teaches that the feijoada would have been first cooked by slaves in the plantations; their meal was usually made of rice and beans but, during festivities, they were also allowed to eat some pieces of meat. The slaves used them to season their meals and, thus, the feijoada was born. Yet it seems that this story is not true, because this course was born in the Extremadura region of Portugal and it will arrive only later in Brazil. The feijoada is born from the beans and pork stew typical of some southern European regions and it is similar to the French cassoulet. Then, instead of the red beans, in Brazil people started using black beans which are not cultivated in Europe.