Fried potato bombs with a creamy surprise: you won’t be able to stop eating it

Potato, eggs and an incredible taste.

By Cookist

Prepare these tasty and stuffed bombs and make your guests very happy.

Ingredients: 10 potatoes; bacon; cheddar; parsley; eggs; flour; egg whites; breadcrumbs; oli to fry; salt and pepper to taste.



1) Boli the potatoes and mash the potatoes;

2) Grill the bacon, cut it and combine with mashed potatoes;

3) Chop cheddar and parsley and add into the potatoes;

4) Mix well all together and spread on a baking tray;

5) Refrigerate for 30 minutes;

6) Make some circles using a glass;

7) In each potato circles press in the middle using a little glass;

8) Insert an egg yolk for each one;

9) Add salt and pepper;

10) Close the bombs with another parts of mashed potato;

11) Put each one into flour, egg withes and breadcrumbs;

12) Fry them and serve hot.

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