Frozen yogurt: the recipe to make it at home

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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White yogurt
500 grams
120 grams
150 ml
250 grams
250 grams
Muesli – as much as it is needed

Frozen yogurt is the perfect dessert for the summer season. A sort of yogurt-based ice cream that is prepared in just a few minutes and that will refresh you even when the heat is unbearable. It is a light variant of the most known and consumed ice cream.


Start by pouring the yogurt into the mixer (1) and add the blueberries (2), previously washed and dried. Blend until the pulp has blended perfectly with the yogurt (3).

Add the raspberries and blend again until you get a homogeneous mixture (4). Now, dedicate yourself to milk: pour it into a saucepan with the sugar and let it heat over low flame (5) until the sugar has completely melted. Now pour the milk into the yogurt and mix well, and then place the yogurt in a container to cool (6). When the mixture has completely cooled, close it with the lid and place it in the freezer.

After about an hour and a half the yogurt will begin to solidify (7). Take the container out of the freezer and stir vigorously with the spoon to break the crystals. Repeat this operation after about two and a half hours and a third time after about three and a half hours. After this time the yogurt should have completely solidified (8). Use the blender to make it even creamier (9) and serve it garnished with muesli and fresh fruit or with a chocolate glaze.

How to preserve frozen yogurt

Frozen yogurt can be perfectly preserved in the freezer even for several weeks, up to about three weeks. You can then prepare frozen yogurt in advance and let it rest until you need it. Just remember to pull it out of the freezer about 40 minutes before serving it on the table.

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