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Here’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Tough Stains On Plastic Containers

We love marinara sauce and other tomato-based sauces. What we — or anyone else — don't like is the frustrating chore of trying to get rid of the tough stains they leave on plastic containers! However, thanks to Tiktok, that is now old news for thousands of people as a user shares a trick that ALWAYS clears tough stains from plastic containers.

By Cookist

There's a lot to be thankful for when it comes to TikTok — the dance trends, fashion tips, lifehacks, and most importantly, food trends are just way too good!

Many unique discoveries have been made thanks to this platform, and the trendiest yet may be a video that has a user, @adikempler sharing a one-minute trick to getting greasy stains out of plastic containers FAST.

Amazingly, the trick only requires:

  • Warm water Dish soap
  • Paper towel

It is easy to give up on trying to get rid of stains on plastic containers because it is an arduous and seemingly unending task. But that is now forgotten thanks to this trick leaves plastic bowls sparkling clean in less than a minute!


Is it any wonder that it has gone viral? Only a few weeks old, the video has already earned Kempler recognition on social media.

Kempler also gained the attention of Tupperware Brands; they sent her a fantastic package that included a note of acknowledgment, microwave-friendly containers, plastic freezer bowls, and bowls for meals on-the-go.

As a touching note, Kempler points out that the containers all feature Tupperware's "Innovative PLUS stain guard" to prevent food stains.

How thoughtful!

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