How Can You Preserve Your Carved and Uncarved Pumpkins This Halloween Season?

Tis the season to be frightened, and one of the things people never forget to mess around with are pumpkins. This article examines ways to preserve both carved and uncarved pumpkins so they can last longer this Halloween.

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When you start seeing Halloween decorations like pumpkins in yards and on lawns, it is a clear signal that fall is here. There are many ways to decorate for this season, but finding out how to make your pumpkins last longer can be tricky.

Some people can relate to purchasing a pumpkin too early in the season only to have it fall apart by October 31. However, that does not have to be you. There are many ways to ensure that your pumpkins last all fall long — even under warm temperatures.

How to Preserve the Inside of a Pumpkin

Pumpkins are moist, which means that if even a bit of their innards are exposed, they will start to go moldy rapidly. To fight this, clean the surface of the pumpkin as well as the interior with a teaspoon of bleach per one quart of water. You can make the task easier by putting it in a spray bottle. This will sterilize the gourd, getting rid of any existing bacteria. Ensure it dries up fully before doing anything else.

The bleach can be used again post-carving, cleansing it. Do this by submerging your carved pumpkin in a bucket containing water and 2/3 cup of bleach. Leave it to soak for up to 24 hours.


How to Use Petroleum Jelly to Preserve a Pumpkin

Vaseline can act as an extra layer of protection when you apply it on the carved edges. It will keep your pumpkin moisturized and prevent the edges from drying out too quickly. You can use vegetable oil or WD-40 if you don't have Vaseline. However, note that all three are flammable, so don't put an open flame inside your pumpkin. Don't put on the jelly before you clean the pumpkin with bleach, either. The jelly can trap the bacterial along with the moisture it was originally meant to contain.


How to Preserve Pumpkins Naturally Without Bleach

If you don’t want to use bleach, vaseline, and WD-40 in preserving your pumpkin, you can use peppermint. Just dilute one tablespoon of peppermint dish soap or peppermint essential oil in a quart of water. Then, pour the mixture into a clean spray bottle and lightly spray the inside of the carved pumpkin. The anti-fungal properties of peppermint will prevent microbes and slow the decomposition process.

How to Prevent Your Pumpkin From Shriveling

Pumpkins shrivel up when they run out of moisture. You can prevent this by spraying it every day with water mixed with a few drops of bleach which will keep it moist and ward off bacteria.



The tips shared above won't make the pumpkins last forever. However, it can significantly extend their shelf life and help them stay fresh and new-looking for longer.

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