Here's two creative ideas for pumpkin carving!

Halloween is coming and you don't get caught unprepared. Organize a unique party and set up the room with lots of scary decorations. Here are two ideas: buy two pumpkins, cut off the top and empty them. Then with a marker draw eyes and mouth. Cut everything with a knife and use the pulp to create the teeth. Your guests will go crazy for these two terrifying heads.

Don't stop your imagination and try other Halloween decorations.

1) How to make a creepy Halloween ice hand

A fun and scary idea for your Halloween party! You'll just need a latex glove to make a scary ice hand for your drinks.

2) How to make ghost jars for Halloween

This is an amazing idea, so quick and easy! You'll need a jar, a gauze, a candle and some scary eyes! Be ready to decorate your tablescape for Halloween.