People across the world love coffee and for some, it works like a medicine. A hot cup of this caffeinated beverage is a morning must have for a majority of the population. But, do you know that an average coffee maker is filled with mold growth? Read on to know how to clean your coffee maker well enough to prevent this microbial growth and enjoy a mold free cup of hot coffee each day.

Coffee is one of the most loved beverages in our world. Majority of the population wakes up to a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee prepared in the electronic gadget or the coffee maker. But, are you aware that these pretty looking coffee makers are home to a large colony of yeast, bacteria, and mold growth. In fact, it has been reported that an average coffee maker (the basket and carafe type of classic coffee maker) contains higher microbial growth compared to bathroom door handles or toilet seats.

Disgusting right?

This is because these gadgets have a moist environment that helps the mold and bacteria to grow in high numbers. Though at present, our bodies have the ability to counter these microorganisms it won’t be long before we see their harmful effects on us.

Coming back to how to thoroughly clean the coffee maker… while most of us rinse it with hot water, which is certainly not the best way to get rid of the harmful organisms. In fact, it is vinegar that should be used to completely sanitize and decalcify the coffee maker as it helps to remove the microorganisms and mineral deposit present inside the jar of your coffee maker.

The coffee maker must be gently rinsed every day with water and once every fortnight with vinegar wash to get rid of the impurities. The gadgets which are lying dormant even for a couple of days are prone to getting a heavy growth of mold spore. To sanitize your coffee maker perfectly and enjoy a great cup of coffee, it is advised that you follow this cleaning routine:

1. Add equal parts of water and white vinegar in the water chamber of your coffee maker. Use a paper filter and let the mix brew until half of the chamber is empty

2. Turn off the gadget for about half an hour and then complete the brewing. Rinse the device with a new filter and brew a pot of water alone. Repeat this process twice and continue to the next step.

3. Rinse the machine every day by filling the carafe with warm water and rice, which will work as a gentle abrasive. Swirl the coffee pot, gently scrub with a sponge, rinse, and then put the pot to dry.

4. Also, wipe the outside surface of the machine every day with a damp cloth.