Here is an insight on how to store the meats properly to avoid being a victim of food poisoning.

Storing meats properly is a big mystery as one can never be too sure about storing them perfectly. However, there are some simple guidelines that can help you to store all types of meats safely. Read on to know more about it.

Freezing all types of meats is the best way to store them as below 0 degrees F the enzyme activity slows down and microbes like yeast, bacteria, and mold gets inactivated. Storing them in sealed bag restricts moisture and helps the meat to stay fresh for a longer time. So, apart from storing the meats in their original packing, adding a layer of plastic wrap cuts down moisture and helps the meat to taste fresh. If properly thawed, uncooked meats can refreeze safely. However, do not refreeze the meats that are left outside the refrigerator for more than 2 hours or for an hour in more than 90 degrees F. Thaw meats either in the refrigerator or submerged in cold water while still inside a leak proof plastic bag. Canned meats and fish can be stored for 2-5 years if frozen at correct temperatures.

Apart from this, different meats should be stored differently.

Beef. Uncooked cuts of beef can be frozen for 4-12 months, but ground beef no more than 3-4 months. Cooked beef to be stored frozen for only 2-3 months. If you are keen on storing the meats in the fridge, then store the uncooked meats for 3-5 days, ground and offal for only 1-2 days, and cooked leftovers for only 3-4 days.

Poultry. If frozen correctly, poultry can be stored for up to a year without sacrificing its quality. Parts of chicken like wings, thighs, and breasts to be stored frozen for up to 9 months and giblets and ground chicken for no more than 3-4 months. If storing in the fridge, raw poultry to be stored for only 1-2 days and cooked for 3-4 days.

Pork. Similar to beef, the uncooked frozen roast can be stored for 4-12 months and chops for 4-6 months. Cooked pork to be frozen for only 2-3 months and processed or smoked pork (ham, bacon, hot dog, luncheon meat) for only 1-2 months. If storing in the fridge, store uncooked pork for only 3-5 days, ground pork for 1-2 days, cooked pork for 2-3 days, luncheon meat for 3-5 days, and bacon, hot dogs and cooked ham for 7 days.

Seafood. Lean fish like cod or catfish can be frozen for 6-8 months, fatty fish like salmon to be kept frozen for 2-3 months, shellfish and other seafood to be kept frozen for 3-6 months, cooked fish to be kept frozen for 4-6 months, and smoked fish to be frozen for only 2 months to not affect quality and taste of the fish. If storing in the fridge, store raw seafood for 1-2 days, cooked fish for 3-4 days, and smoked fish for 14 days.

Canned meats. Sealed canned food can be stored safely for 2-5 years. However, avoid rusted, bloated, damaged, and smelly food cans.