• Cream 330gr to be whipped
  • Partly skimmed milk 65gr
  • White sugar 65gr • 392 kcal
  • Isinglass 7gr
  • Vanilla ½ bean
  • Dark Chocolate 50 gr
  • Partly skimmed milk 40gr
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The panna cotta with chocolate is a classic dessert that must be eaten with a spoon. Panna cotta with chocolate is the cousin of panna cotta, just like the creme caramel (a cooked cream with caramel) and the puddings that can be made with chocolate, mint, pistachio, coffee and so on and so forth.
The recipe of the panna cotta with chocolate that I propose you today contains milk (in addition to the cream), in an attempt (vain but, let’s admit it, admirable anyway) to lower the calories of the recipe. In fact, if we wanted to find a flaw in the panna cotta, we could certainly accuse it of being a real attack to our belly. The panna cotta with chocolate is there, covered with thick chocolate garnish (dark, milk, you choose), so pale and gelatinous, so compliant under the blows of your spoon that you could never imagine how many calories it contains. But, if made just with cream, the sum is soon done: 335 calories per 100 grams (and then the sugar, the topping…)
I reveal you that I have in mind some experiments to try to raise again the percentage of milk present at the expense of the amount of cream in the attempt to create a light panna cotta. There's no harm in trying…

(to ensure that you only use gluten-free foods for this preparation, consult some specialized websites)


To prepare the panna cotta with chocolate, it is necessary to buy the best quality ingredients: milk, fresh whipping cream, a vanilla bean (down with vanillin, which is only a chemical aroma), granulated sugar, isinglass and some good dark chocolate. First, soften the isinglass in a small bowl of cold water. Put the milk on the stove along with the vanilla bean that you will have longitudinally cut in various points.

These things in the picture are vanilla seeds, let them come out of the bean, because they will flavor the panna cotta.
Remove the milk from the stove before it starts to boil and put the sheets of isinglass in it (previously dried of the excess water), stirring to melt them. Separately heat the cream with the sugar, blend to melt it and bring it to a boil. At this point, with the flame off, add milk and isinglass to the cream, but remember to remove the vanilla bean.

Pour everything into single-portion molds that you will have previously wet with cold water. Put them in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours to make the panna cotta harden. When serving, turn the molds upside down on the saucers (in the picture you can see some black dots, these are the seeds of vanilla we had talked about before, they are absolutely edible). Finally, take care of the topping. Melt the dark chocolate in a bain-marie, add the milk and cook everything over a low flame, stirring constantly; you will have to get a thick cream but not too much, a kind of home-made topping.

The recipe is ready, you just have to pour the chocolate topping on the panna cotta when you serve it.