• Purple cabbage 500 grams
  • Orange 1
  • Carrot 1
  • Apple 1
  • Seed oil as much as is needed
  • Lemon juice as much as is needed
  • salt and pepper as much as is needed

The purple cabbage salad is an original and very tasty appetizer, also perfect for vegetarian friends. A raw, fresh and colorful dish for your summer lunches. You can also serve it as a side dish, or as a single dish enriched with other vegetables or grilled chicken strips.

The crunchy taste of purple cabbage goes perfectly with dried fruit, especially walnuts. If you are looking for inspiration, try also adding feta cubes, or try combinations with fruit, such as blueberries, strawberries or orange.

Season with oil and lemon, or try the bittersweet contrast, with a vinaigrette based on balsamic vinegar and honey. The recipe is very fast, just slice the fresh ingredients and season everything in a bowl.

How to prepare the purple cabbage salad

Wash and dry the purple cabbage well. The best thing is to leave it to soak in cold water for about ten minutes. Divide it in half and cut a part into thin strips, using a knife with a sharp blade. Transfer it to a bowl.

Peel an apple and cut it into cubes or into thin wedges. Add it to the bowl with the purple cabbage.

Peel an orange and cut the wedges. Wash a carrot and cut it into julienne strips. You can also help yourself with a potato peeler. Put everything into the bowl.

Prepare an emulsion with two spoons of seed oil, a pinch of salt and pepper and some lemon juice filtered through a strainer, to avoid that there are pulp residues. Season the salad and serve it fresh.


For an aromatic salad, add thyme and dried oregano to the seasonings.

If you love purple cabbage, you can also sauté it in a pan and serve it cooked. The sweet and sour taste is quite excellent: mix olive oil with 6 tablespoons of white wine vinegar and 3 tablespoons of sugar, a pinch of salt and a clove of garlic. Ten minutes of cooking are enough.


You can preserve the purple cabbage salad in the refrigerator for a couple of days, covered with plastic wrap, as long as you haven't seasoned it yet.