An easy and quick trick to try absolutely.

Did you know the eggs can be frozen?

Put them in an ice tray to freeze, then take out when and as many as you need!

– If you don't plan on using them before they expire you can freeze them to avoid food waste.

–  Some people have more fresh eggs than they need to use, you can freeze them before they expire to avoid food waste .

You can do others tricks with eggs to prepare very fast meal:

1) Pour the egg in the tomato: an easy and tasty recipe

A quick an easy way to make this unique dinner dish. Remove the pulp from the tomatoes and add the egg salt and pepper, bake for a few minutes to get something amazing!

2) Pour the egg into the toast: a fast and easy recipe

A slice of bread stuffed with egg and cheddar, here's how to make this tasty snack in a few minutes!