Don't settle for a normal cake when you can have one like this.

Olga Noskova is a russian confectioner that make these incredible cakes. The method is called mirror glaze, the dessert has a smooth layer that gives the illusion of marble and you can almost mirror it.


To get this amazing result, you'll just need: 20g Gelatin Powder, 120g Water, 300g Glucose, 300g Sugar, 150g Water, 200g Sweetened Condensed Milk, 300g Chocolate (White, Milk, Dark, or a combination), Food Coloring


1) Put the gelatin in the water

2) Bring to boil the glucose, sugar and water

3) Move the pot from heat and add the gelatin

4) Pour the condensed milk

5) Pour the chocolate and spread well to remove air bubbles.

6) Use at 35C/95F