Slow-cooking dry beans is usually the best recommendation you'll get from expert chefs. However, that doesn't make canned beans a total write-off — especially not when the accompanying liquid is so delicious! Canned beans typically come with the content doused in a thick liquid that is not only very tasty but also highly nutritious. You should have a rethink if you've been draining it down your sink.

This liquid may be likened to aquafaba because it is richly dosed with protein and is literally water enriched by the processed beans. Many people are however oblivious to how important this liquid actually is. Thus, the common misconception that it must be drained and the canned beans, rinsed.

If you have been doing this, stop! This liquid can be that secret ingredient that you use to make your dishes golden. Before doing this, you must put two things into consideration:

1. What you're cooking matters

Before adding the liquid from canned beans to any meal, consider if you'd want the meal dripping with such cooking liquid when serving. For example, you wouldn't want your pasta dish getting soggy during dishing.

On the other hand, if the meal requires soup or a soupy texture, then go for it! Adding the canned beans liquid is sure to reward you with a tasty treat, and even better, it can serve as a thickener for soups and gravy!

2. The taste of the canned beans liquid also matters

Canned beans liquid will typically taste salty, and have a rich texture thanks to the starch from the beans. So, before pouring in canned beans liquid into your meal, taste it. You want to check for how seasoned it is, its texture and thickness as well as how these factors may affect your cooking.

Having known these two crucial points, you can now harness canned beans liquid as one of your secret but golden ingredients!