This special hot chocolate is served in a tasty cup covered with more chocolate. If you want to try it you just need to go to London. To the Said from 1923, in Broadwick Street, you can find this delight. said it's a branch of the old Italian Chocolate factory that sells high quality chocolate.

Try to make a delicious chocolate cup in your home: Tiramisu cup: a real delicacy!

Ingredients: 2 cups dark chocolate; 1 cup mascarpone; 1 white cake, cut into circles; ½ cup cold coffee; 3 chocolate covered pretzels; cocoa powder.


1) Melt dark chocolate and pour it into a cup.

2) Tilt and rotate the cup to cover all sides evenly. Let the chocolate set in freezer.

3) Remove paper cup. Dip chocolate pretzel in some chocolate and make a teacup handle placing it on the side of the cup.

4) Put 1 cake round in, pour some coffee on top, add cream and repeat until cup is full.

5) Decorate with cocoa powder sifted on top.