Watermelon Cocktail: the refreshing drink recipe for summer

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 1 person
By Cookist
watermelon pulp
60 g
prosecco or white sparkling wine
60 ml
Sparkling water
60 ml
Lime juice
60 ml
Brown sugar
1 tbsp

Watermelon cocktail is a refreshing and delicious drink made of watermelon pulp, prosecco, lime juice and sparkling water or soda. It is a perfect cocktail for the aperitif to share with friends on the beach. The final result will be a drink with a bright color and a sweet flavor. It is very easy and you can also make the non-alcoholic version, if you prefer. So, let's find out how to make the watermelon cocktail step by step.

How to make Watermelon Cocktail

Cut the watermelon into slices, remove the seeds and reduce the pulp into pieces. Blend the watermelon and keep it chilled.

Add the brown sugar, mint leaves and grated lime zest into the glasses and stir. Add the ice and pour the prosecco, watermelon juice and lime juice over the ice.

Add the sparkling water as well and stir. Serve and enjoy!


You can replace sparkling water with soda and prosecco with sparkling wine, vermouth or white rum.

If you love this fresh summer fruit, also try watermelon cream, ideal to serve as a refreshing dessert, or make a delicious watermelon sorbet, ideal for summer dinners.

Watermelon Cocktail Variants

You can also make a non-alcoholic watermelon cocktail. Put on the bottom of the glass 1 teaspoon of brown sugar and 2 mint leaves and pound gently. Cut the watermelon into small pieces and blend it. Add the ice to the glass, pour the soda or sparkling water and the watermelon juice over it. The proportions should be 2/3 watermelon juice and 1/3 soda water. Your non-alcoholic watermelon cocktail is ready to be served as you like.

If you're looking for a bolder cocktail recipe, replace prosecco with your favorite alcoholic drink such as vodka, rum, gin or even tequila.

How to store Watermelon Cocktail

We recommend drinking the watermelon cocktail right away to enjoy it at its best.

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