After lunch or dinner many people want to end up with something different, a particular flavor, maybe a little sweet and fresh, and often the choice falls on fruit. But now let’s try to understand why fruit after meals is not a good thing.

The answer to the question "Fruit after meals yes or no" is… absolutely no! That's right, you have to avoid fruit after every meal. And now that the mystery is solved let's try to understand why it is better to avoid fruit after a meal. The main reason is related to fermentation. The fruit is rich in sugars and these, once introduced into our stomach, start a fermentation process that slows down the digestion of other foods. The result? A very long digestion and the shirt button put more and more to the test! In addition to the fermentation process, eating a fruit after a meal means interfering with the work that enzymes and gastric juices are already doing to digest and assimilate other foods.

Another reason why it is not recommended to eat fruit at the end of a meal is due to its sugar content. More or less, every fruit contains fructose, a simple sugar that in a flash increases the blood sugar level, with a bad consequence also for your figure! And all this happens by eating only one fruit at the end meal. And what would happen if you finished a good meal with a fruit salad? You would practically send your stomach and intestine in a total "black-out"!

Eating more fruits together is detrimental to your digestion because each fruit has a different pH, that is a precise index of acidity. When we ask our stomach to digest all these different pHs, our good friend does not know what to start with! The result is that everything we have eaten remains in the digestive tract for a long time. So, when should we eat fruit? The best time of day to eat fruit is in the morning or in any case within the first few hours of the afternoon. From noon onwards, our metabolism begins to "fall asleep" and to not assimilate more correctly the sugars that, in the long run, end up accumulating and turning into fat and cholesterol.