Your Halloween Won’t Be Complete Without These Spooky Treats

Halloween is here, and it's a spooky fest around the world. While we absolutely treasure the costumes, we can't help but be biased about Halloween recipes. Who wouldn't enjoy the sight of creatively spooky twists on otherwise ordinary treats like hot dogs and meatloaf? Read on for a special compilation of the tastiest treats that should grace food tables at your Halloween bash!

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Have you run out of recipe ideas for Halloween this year? Well, we're here to rescue you! Read on for some of our favourite recipes; these are not only tasty, but they are also a genius way to engage your kids this special season. But, watch out; these aren't for the faint of hearts!

1. Halloween Pizza Dough Spider


If you have some leftover pizza dough, try making this fun recipe. Even better, call the kids in for some special Spidey fun before they go trick or treating. The spider-shaped pizza dough spider is befitting the spooky season with a dash of marinara sauce poured into its hollowed-out body and a sprinkling of parmesan cheese for "hairy" spider legs.

2. Halloween Zebra Cake

No one said every Halloween recipe has to be scary. You can make delicate beauties too. A good instance is this unique marbled vanilla and chocolate cake that will be an eye-catcher at any event.

3. Halloween Whoopie Pies


Halloween whoopie pies are just what they promise to be — a decadent dessert that feels just right for the spooky season! The chocolate sponges are filled with bright orange vanilla frosting, making them a favourite for sweet tooths. And even better, you can go to town on your choice of decoration using a stencil, powdered sugar and some glitter!

4. Halloween Special Meatloaf

Ready to go hard? Make this uber scary treat that's a meatloaf shaped like cut-off feet with a haphazard drizzle of ketchup around the ankles for a pronounced effect.

5. Bloody Finger Hot Dogs 


If you thought we were done with gory creations on this list, you thought wrong. These sandwiches are the literal translation of finger foods (pun intended!) They are also inexpensive to make, so overall, it's a win-win.

6. Jack O'Lantern Stuffed Bell Peppers

This is a fresh twist on the exotic side dish of stuffed bell peppers. You can carve a snarling face or perhaps a smiling one into the bell peppers before stuffing them. They look like mini jack o' lanterns and are very delicious too!

7. Spider Deviled Eggs


Another special finger food you can enjoy this season is these spider-deviled eggs. The recipe is easy to do and takes about 40 minutes to finish. You'll need special ingredients like olives to make the spiders and frozen cherries to create the spider web colouring.

8. Shrunken Head Party Punch

The shrunken head party punch might just be our favourite yet on this list because what's a Halloween party without a bowl of floating skulls floating in boozy fluids?! Of course, you can make this kid-friendly if you so prefer. Either way, this drink will earn compliments at your next Halloween bash.

9. Hot Dog Mummies


This recipe is a scary take on the classic pigs in a blanket recipe but what we love most about it is that you can prepare it ahead of any event. Just make sure to keep them in an airtight container and in a refrigerator to keep them fresh.

10. Special Halloween Toast

Unlike most other recipes on this list, these special Halloween toasts can be enjoyed at any time of the day, whether it's for a simple breakfast or an over-the-top get-together. All you have to do is layer toasts with jam or any spread of your choice and top with a carved ghost face sheet of cheese.

11. Tangerine Pumpkins 


Make these fun tangerine pumpkins with your kids; they'll surely enjoy it! All you need are permanent markers and celery.

12. Halloween PopCorn 

Halloween popcorn is another fun and simple treat to share with everyone around you this season. They're very inexpensive; all you need to do is draw a jack o' lantern face onto a plastic bag containing popcorn.

13. Ghost Jars


Decorate your dining table with these ghost Jars for an everyday spooky effect this Halloween. If you have children, make sure to keep an eye out for them or best of all, find another less risky recipe!

14. Mummy Toasts 

Mummy toasts are another essential this season. They are made with sandwich bread and a heavy cheese drizzle to replicate bandages and olives for the eyes.

15. Squash Bread Rolls


This tasty snack is another fun way to put your leftover pizza dough to good use. A baking pan is lined with dough and then filled with decadent ingredients like pureed squash, pancetta and provolone cheese.

There you have 15 special treats you can enjoy with your loved ones this Halloween. Which of them will you be trying out first?

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