Read on to know about certain things you should be cautious of while grilling burgers yourself!

We all love a perfectly grilled and juicy piece of meat patty sandwiched between fresh buns and topped with a crunchy salad. In short, almost everyone in the world enjoys a juicy burger. Here are some of the common mistakes that one should avoid while grilling the burger patties to enjoy a perfectly cooked and juicy burger.

Stale meat

Some people consciously or by mistake buy stale meat, which may be cheaper but it also has a foul odor. Ideally, the meat you purchase to prepare burger patty should have good 15 to 20% of fat for it to turn out moist and juicy upon grilling.

Not thawing the meat

Always thaw the meat to room temperature and then grill the meat patty.

Very thick patties

Using a very thick chunk of beef may give an unevenly cooked burger patty.

Direct heat

Never cook the meat patty on direct heat as it will char the burger on the outside and result in uneven cooking.

Touching the patty

Resist the urge to continuously touch the meat patty after you put it on the grill. You should flip it only once or twice while grilling.

Dirty grill grates

Always scrubs off the grates after grilling as the grease and food crumbs of the previously prepared food may scrape off along with the meat patty.

Bun size

Make sure that the buns you use for making the burger should neither be too big or small to maintain the proportion of bread and meat.

Overcrowding the grill

Do not place too many patties or other food items on the grill at once to avoid cross-contamination and to attain the perfect cooking temperature.

Resting the patty

Always wait for about 5 minutes after assembling the burger to serve it so that the juices are nicely distributed inside the grilled meat patty.

Pushing down the meat

While cooking the meat patty do not push it on the grill with a spatula or a pair of tongs as it will leak out all the juices and result in a drier end product.