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7 tips to buy a perfect avocado

Here are some tips that can help you select the best produce each time you go hunting for avocados.

By Cookist

Read on to know how you can select a perfect avocado every time!

It is quite difficult to figure out what is inside the thick avocado shell unless you cut it into half. Here are some tips that can help you select the best produce each time you go hunting for avocados.

Press down the stem

Lightly press down the top of the avocado stem with the same amount of pressure with which you will click a mouse. If upon pressing avocado retains its shape then it is ready to eat. But, if the fingers leave a dent or an impression then it is most likely to be overripe.


Flick stem

If you are able to flick the small stem of this fruit and green part is visible underneath, then the avocado is ripe. But, if the stem does not come off easily or brown part is visible underneath, then it could be either underripe or overripe.

Ignore color

It is best to ignore the outer color of this fruit as there are various varieties of avocado, which turns into many colorful shades as they ripen.


Ignore texture

Different avocado varieties have the different texture of their outer skin, some may have smooth and others a pebbling outer skin.

Check for blemishes

Any discoloration on the outer covering of avocado or dark blemishes is a result of avocado being overripe.


Check for the ripening stage

You can pick avocados with different stages of ripening, depending upon how soon you would like to eat it. Dark brown color skinned avocados can be eaten first and green ones over a couple of days. Green colored avocados can ripen in 3 to 4 days if left outside at room temperature.

Careful with the bulk

It is best to not purchase avocado in bulk as chances are that they all could ripen together. In case you end up bulk buying avocados then store them in the refrigerator to prevent quick ripening of this fruit.

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