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A Simplified Guide To Choose & Store Fish Like A Pro!

Fish, regardless of what kind it is, always makes a beautiful meal as long as you have the right recipe. However, as important as the recipe might be, it won't work right if the fish has lost its freshness. That's why it's important to learn the proper ways to choose fish on the market and store them to preserve freshness for as long as possible.

By Cookist

Fish makes some of the most delicious meals; from hearty soup bowls to creating fancy plates for an indoor dinner with your beloved, the list is simply endless. However, the meal won't be enjoyable if the fish isn't of the best quality.

Unlike common perception, most frozen fish are actually better than fishes that are promoted as fresh off the boat thanks to modern freezing technology. The most common and recent practice is to freeze fish just after they're caught so that they maintain their peak freshness.

On the other hand, some dishes that are promoted as fresh on the market are actually pre-frozen and store-bought. More often than not, the quality of the fish is compromised.

Hence, the importance of knowing what to look out for when buying fish and learning how to store them properly to preserve their freshness. Here are some important tips that'll guide you on your next trip to the fish market:

Always Consider Your Location 


The ultimate decision of whether to buy frozen or fresh fish is determined by the proximity of your town to large water bodies. If you are very close to any then buying fresh fish is a great idea. Just ensure that the fishes are locally sourced and in season.

On the contrary, if you live far away from a large body of water then finding fresh fish will be far more difficult and you can't be confident that they're of good quality as promised. You must put this into consideration when buying seafood that quickly loses its freshness when it's not frozen.

How To Find the Freshest Frozen Fishes 


Now that we've reached the verdict that frozen dishes might just be the best bet for fresh fish dishes, we're left with the dilemma of choosing the best possible on the market.

What to look out for:

  • Fish packed in a sealed vacuum. These are typically the best kind of flash-frozen fish.
  • Fish that has a thick glaze of ice on it. This is an older method of freezing that also protects fish well.
  • Fishes that have clear eyes and bright skin with uniform color throughout.


  • Fishes that are packed into styrofoam and frozen.
  • Fishes that have the telltale signs of aging i.e. faded skin or patches of discolouration

Freezing is the Best Storage Method

Like you might have already deducted from above, freezing is the best way to preserve the freshness of your fish. So, if you have too much fish on hand, fresh or otherwise, ensure that it is placed in a tightly-sealed bag and then transfer to your freezer immediately.

When you're ready to cook the fish, simply transfer it to your fridge to thaw overnight, or place it under running water for about 30 minutes.


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