Barbecue Like a Pro: The Top Tips for Mastering the Grill

Once the weather heats up, you know it's grill season. After all, nothing beats barbecuing in the backyard when the mercury is high. However, there's an art to learning how to master the grill. Fortunately, it's not hard! With these simple tips and tricks, you'll be grilling like a seasoned pro in no time flat. Learn how to barbecue effortlessly with these handy tips!

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1) Don't Forget to Prep

Before you fire up the grill, get everything organized. Arrange your tools, gather your ingredients, grab your seasonings, and make your sauces.

2) Gather Your Equipment

We touched on the importance of gathering materials before you get grilling. As far as equipment goes, you'll need a pair of tongs, a grilling fork, and a sharp knife to grill. Look for a set of tongs that are made from stainless steel but have a plastic handle so you don't burn your hands while you're cooking.


3) Master Lighting Coal

Lighting coal can be tricky. To make it easier, use a fan air blower specially made for barbecuing to help light the coals quickly and evenly.

4) It's All About the Right Temperature

We've all been guilty of impatience and putting meats on the grill before it's properly heated. Let your grill get to the proper temperature before get start barbecuing to ensure your food cooks thoroughly. You'll know it's ready to use when you can barely hold your hand over the coals.


5) Use Wood Chips

Imbue your grilled foods with more flavor by adding wood chips to the charcoal. Oak, hickory, applewood, and beech are all woods that give barbecued foods a wonderful smoky flavor.

6) Know Where to Put Food on the Grill

Some foods benefit from direct heat while others need indirect heat to cook properly. Meat, like beef, lamb, pork, as well as vegetarian options like tofu, thick-cut eggplant, peppers, and onions need direct heat to cook. Chicken and fish, as well as more delicate veggies, should be placed off to the side.


7) Season Generously

Every home cook knows that seasoning is everything when it comes to making great-tasting food. Generously run meat in oil then add salt, pepper, or and dry rubs you're planning on using before grilling. Don't be shy – this is what will help your barbecue taste amazing. On a similar note, know when to add sauce. If you add barbecue sauces too early, your meat will look burnt on the outside but be raw on the inside. The best time to add sauces is once your meats have nearly finished cooking.

8) Don't Flip

There's a widespread belief that meat needs to be flipped often on the grill. Don't do this. You should only flip the meat once or twice when it's grilling. Leave it to cook on one side for about half the total cook time. Not only will it help your meat to cook evenly, but it'll also improve the flavor.


9) Let it Rest

Once you've taken the meat off the grill, let it rest for several minutes before grabbing a knife and slicing it. This will help keep it juicy and moist.

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