• Basmati 300 g
  • Water 750 ml
  • Peas 400 g
  • Baked ham 200 g
  • Eggs 3 • 130 kcal
  • Onion 1
  • Salt to taste • 1 kcal
  • Peanut oil
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

Cantonese fried rice is, along with spring rolls and soybean spaghetti with vegetables, one of the most popular Chinese recipes and its name derives from the city of Canton, the third most inhabited Chinese city after Beijing and Shanghai. Throughout the East this course is known as fried rice or sautéed rice and is mainly prepared with basmati rice or jasmine rice (so long-grain rice), eggs, baked ham and peas, although in some regions it is cooked with some variations according to the local traditions.

How to Prepare the Chinese Fried Rice

To prepare the Cantonese fried rice, pour the rice into a bowl and wash it with cold running water until the water becomes limpid. Pour the rice and water in a saucepan and cook for 10/12 minutes without blending and without adding salt. After the right minutes have passed, drain the rice and let it cool.

Scald the peas and then drain them. Separately, cut the baked ham in small cubes and keep it aside.

Put the three eggs in a bowl and beat them. In a frying pan, preferably wok, heat up the oil and scramble the eggs.

At this point we are ready to finish our recipe, the ingredients are all dry and without water. Cut the onion and put it in the wok with plentiful hot oil, cooking until it is golden brown.

Then put the rice, let it sauté and sizzle in hot oil (13). Add salt and the remaining ingredients (14) making them sauté for almost a minute. The course is ready to be served (15). At this point, the original recipe wants a tablespoon of raw sesame oil. The choice is yours, the dish is delicious both with and without.

Cantonese Fried Rice: Tips and Combinations

To prepare this Chinese recipe, you can proceed with the first cooking of the rice even a few hours before the actual preparation. The more it will be cold and without water, the better it will be cooked in the oil. In the original recipe there is no use of soy sauce or other condiments such as balsamic vinegar, but you can still use them if you prefer to do so. Cantonese fried rice as well as being a first course or even a single course, in China and in the East in general it is used as a side dish combined with broth dishes or other dishes, practically as a substitute for bread, a food that is not part of the culinary culture of those countries. Inspired by China, we can combine this course with a mushroom or meat soup or with simple sautéed or battered vegetables. As a drink – instead of wine – I would combine Cantonese rice with a light beer with a low alcohol content, to accompany this tasty course in a simple and fresh way.