Carrot chips in the microwave oven: the recipe for a light and genuine snack

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
Serves: 4 people
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Extra virgin olive oil
1 tablespoons
salt and pepper
as much as is needed
as much as is needed

Carrot chips baked in the microwave oven are a light and tasty snack, an original idea to prepare at home in very few time. Definitely a light recipe, carrot chips are a variant of the classic potato chips, but without frying, therefore they are much healthier. Crispy puffs, slices of carrots seasoned with a spoonful of oil, salt and pepper and oregano, baked directly on the crisp plate of the microwave oven.

An alternative snack that you can serve as an appetizer, without feeling guilty about your dietary regime. Of course carrot chips can also be a valid side dish for your summer lunches, to accompany meat or fish light dishes, as an alternative to the classic julienne carrot salad.

With the same technique you can indulge yourself in preparing many different vegetable chips, such as pumpkin chips, for example, but also zucchini chips, or radishes chips. Prepare a mix of vegetables and color your tables, you will just need a few minutes of cooking.

Free choice also for the dressing; we have used oregano, but you can replace it with the spices you prefer, with rosemary or sweet paprika, which creates a delicious contrast with the sweet taste of carrot. So let’s see how to prepare carrot chips in the microwave oven quickly and easily.

How to prepare carrot chips in the microwave

Wash and dry the carrots, cut the ends and remove the first part of the peel with the help of a potato peeler. Cut the carrots into thin slices and as much as possible of the same thickness, using a knife with a sharp blade.

Season the carrot slices in a bowl, adding a spoonful of olive oil, salt and pepper and a sprinkling of oregano. Stir to flavor the carrots well. Make sure the seasoning is well distributed.

Take out the crisp plate from the microwave oven and cover it with a piece of baking paper of the same shape and size. Arrange the slices of carrots side by side, without overlapping them. Turn on the microwave oven at maximum power and cook the carrots for about 5 minutes, turning them halfway through cooking.

Make sure that the carrot slices are golden brown and crispy, take them out and serve hot, or at room temperature, accompanied with a sauce of your choice.


Carrot chips can be preserved well closed in a plastic bag for a few days, although it is preferable to eat them freshly made so they will be nicely crunchy. Freezing is not recommended.

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