Fried, baked, with curry or in a delicious sandwich; you can do almost anything with chicken and be sure it will always be good. Low in calories and high in protein, chicken is probably among the most consumed foods in the world, appreciated for its delicate flavor and excellent versatility in the kitchen. On supermarket counters we often find two different types of chicken, one whiter and more pink and another more yellowish; what is the reason for this difference? Do yellow chicken and white chicken have different organoleptic characteristics and flavors? Are they qualitatively different? Let's find out together.

Differences between yellow chicken and white chicken

The difference in the color of the chicken, and in particular of the chicken breast, derives from a series of factors; in particular the breed and genetics of the animal, breeding and above all nutrition. Specifically, the color of the breast derives from the type of cereal with which the chicken is fed; if the chickens are fed with sorghum and wheat, then we will have a white chicken tending to pink, if instead the chickens are fed with corn then the breast will be more tending to yellow.

We tend to mistakenly think that yellow chicken is qualitatively inferior to white chicken, but this is not the case at all; certainly the different feeding of the chicken instead affects the flavor, more delicate in the case of white chicken, more decisive and with more hard meat the yellow one. Which one to choose? The only ones who can decide are you; let yourself be guided by your taste, but be careful not to be fooled; yellow chicken and free-range chicken are not the same thing.

What does free-range chicken mean

The free-range chicken is an animal that has been raised in the open air with traditional methods and therefore also fed only with quality grains, such as corn and/or wheat; therefore, nutrition is not enough, but there are a whole series of rules to follow to define a "free-range" chicken. For example free-range chickens have to spend their days scratching in search of food, in order to eat mixed food. Thanks to the continuous physical activity to search for food, the meat of the free-range chicken is firmer, while the mixed feeding, which brings together high quality grains and animals that the chicken finds alone in the earth, gives the meat  intense and particular flavors and aromas. It goes without saying that, from the point of view of benefits but also of flavor, this type of chicken is preferable to all the others.

Recipes with chicken

Whether it is white or yellow, cooking chicken is always a great idea; easy to cook, suitable for any type of preparation and with an unmistakable flavor. If you are looking for a simple and genuine recipe and you have little time to cook, you can prepare a creamy chicken with orange, a fragrant and delicious dinner-saving dish. Do you want to experiment with new flavors and put yourself to the test? Chicken in teriyaki sauce is the thing for you; a dish of Japanese cuisine perfect for bringing a juicy and fragrant chicken breast to the table. Do you want some great classics? Stuffed chicken or baked chicken with potatoes if you want to show off a Sunday recipe, Mediterranean chicken or Caprese chicken if you prefer to stay light, but don't want to give up a mouth-watering dish.