Easy Aioli: the garlicky mayonnaise recipe

Total time: 10 Min
Difficulty: Low
By Cookist
1/2, juiced
Cloves Garlic
1-4 (depending upon their size and how strong you want it)
Extra virgin olive oil or sunflower or milder flavored olive oil
salt to taste

This garlicky mayonnaise is a zingy accompaniment to fish, meats, rice and many other Mediterranean style dishes.

Aioli has a reputation of being difficult and finicky to make, as traditionally it was made in a mortar and pestle, adding a tiny drop of oil at a time so as not to ruin the consistency of the emulsion. Thankfully, modern aioli can be made with a hand mixer, and you can whip up a batch in just five minutes!


Mince the garlic. Add 1 egg, a dash of salt, and a squirt of lemon juice into a mixing bowl for a hand-held blender or mixer. Add a dash of your oil of choice.

Start blending the mix as you slowly and continuously pour in a thin stream of oil while mixing.


The emulsion will start to form, and will thicken as you add in more oil.


When the aioli is thick enough stop blending, and taste the aioli for necessary adjustments. It’s thick enough when it turns to a creamy spooning consistency.


Add in more garlic, lemon juice and/or salt as needed to suit your taste.


Extra-virgin olive oil can taste overpowering in this aioli, so use a subtler-flavored olive oil or use sunflower oil with a dash of extra-virgin olive oil.

There are no exact quantities of oil to add, as this is very much a use-as-much-as-you-need recipe. The key thing is to add the oil slowly while mixing.

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