Give Your Garden An Excellent Boost Using These 7 Household Items

Give your garden an enormous boost by applying everyday pantry items like cream of tartar and olive oil. Some of the significant problems that come with cultivating plants are pests. It may be hard to believe, but when appropriately applied, items that are in your pantry can help your plants grow better by repelling pests — that is not even the best of these benefits!

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This list includes the great DIY ingredient of all time, baking soda, cayenne pepper, cream of tartar, and many others. This compilation is sure to leave you in the wonder of the uniqueness of each item and how they can benefit your garden.

1. Olive Oil


Give your garden tools a deep cleaning using olive oil. To use, drizzle some olive oil over the cutting and digging surfaces of your lawnmower and other work tools. This will not only prevent rusting, but it will also help keep them clean for longer by repelling dirt.

The average home has bottles of olive oil stored in the pantry, and if otherwise, it only requires a quick trip to your local grocery store!

2. Baking Soda


Baking soda is used for a myriad of things; it can function as a teeth whitener and multipurpose cleaner, but did you know it could be put to good use in the garden?

You can use baking soda to:

  • Help Your Flowers Bloom Quickly

With baking soda, you can make your flowers bloom quickly! Sprinkle it on the soil bed; this renders the soil alkaline perfect for your flowers' rapid growth.

  • Prevent fungal growths

Baking soda won't kill the fungus, but its alkaline characteristic can help prevent fungi's growth. To use, pour a teaspoon of baking soda into a liter of water and spray the leaves of your fungus-prone plants e.g., lilacs and tomatoes.

  • Make Your Tomatoes Sweeter

Like previously mentioned, applying baking soda to the soil will make it more alkaline. Do this for your tomato garden, and the tomatoes will taste top-notch.

3. White Vinegar


Like baking soda, there is more than one way to use white vinegar in your garden. You can use it to:

Get rid of algae stains.

Are you tired of the unwanted algae growths that have spread onto your garden's patio? Get rid of them with white vinegar! A small spray of distilled vinegar onto the surface of the growth followed by a wash is all you need.

Make your pink hydrangeas blue.

Another cool way to use vinegar in your garden is to use it to change the color of your pink hydrangeas blue. This works because of the vinegar's acidic properties; so, if you have plants that prefer acidic soil, you can make a vinegar solution spray for the soil.

4. Cream of tartar


Cream of tartar can rid your garden patio of insects; all you have to do is apply the creamy substance along the ants' trail. This acts as a repellent, but even better, it is organic and poses no danger to you and your loved ones.

5. Cayenne Pepper


Squirrels make cute sights until they become a threat to your garden. You can chase them away from your garden without using chemicals that may pose a danger to them or yourself by using cayenne pepper.

To use, sprinkle the cayenne pepper around your bulb gardens. Reapply when you see the squirrels returned.

6. Coffee Grounds  


Pour ground coffee into your garden soil to draw earthworms and beneficial microbes to make it more fertile. Your plants will thank you.

Tip: fresh coffee grounds are acidic, whereas used coffee grounds are neutral. So, before applying coffee grounds, check if the plant loves acidic or alkaline soil, and apply accordingly.

7. Liquid Dish Soap


Beetles are some of the most frustrating pests ever to exist. It is tough to eliminate them because of their small size and their ability to lurk behind greens and burrow inside the plants. The best remedy that will pose no danger to your plants is handpicking, but if you need a faster method then, spray them with a mix of water and liquid dish soap.

On a final note, make sure to keep your plants' needs in mind first before taking any measures. Good luck!

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