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Here’s A Simplified Guide To Finding The Best Sea Salt For You

The quality of sea salt is not discussed well enough considering that there are different types. Aside from the natural salty taste, the varieties of sea salt are loved for different qualities that they add to meals. In this article, we outline reasons to love sea salt as well as different kinds that are particularly best suited to different forms of cooking.

By Cookist

There are numerous reasons to love sea salt. For professional chefs, that's its bright, clean flavor, as well as the nuances imparted by the presence of minerals as sea salt is minimally processed. You can also rest assured that there no additives that might be the by-products of a refinery process.

Here are our picks for the best sea salt for any and all kitchen occasions:

1. Maldon Sea Salt Flakes


If you don't know what sea salt is best for you, just go for Maldon sea salt flakes because they're suited to any meal that requires salt. They are harvested by drawing salt from seawater using traditional long-handled rakes. Then, they are processed with no artificial additives for flavor so the final product is clean and bright, with zero bitterness. Because of its purity, this salt is more flavorful so you can lesser quantity than youw ould use of table salt.

2. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt

Diamond Crystal kosher salt is best suite fyi cooking. Although most kosher salts are not sea salt, Diamond Crystal is one of the very few whose light salt flakes are formed naturally, not through granulated salt compaction. The salt’s hollow pyramid-shaped grains create a wonderful lightness and with 53 percent less sodium by volume compared to regular table salt, it brings out the flavor in food with a clean taste.

3. Saltverk Flaky Sea Salt


Saltverk flaky sea salt utilizes geothermal energy on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland’s Westfjords to slowly distill seawater until sea salt crystals begin to form gorgeous flakes that make it a great choice for finishing. It’s a sustainable production method, as the geothermal energy is an abundant, natural energy source that leaves no carbon footprint.

4. La Baleine French Fine Sea Salt

If you love baking then, you'll love the La Baleine French fine sea salt. This salt not only enhances the flavor of any pastry, but it also facilitates the chemistry to let gluten develop or crusts achieve perfect golden brownness.

5. Saltverk Hand-Harvested Icelandic Sea Salt


The Saltverk Hand-Harvested Icelandic sea salt is popularly known for its signature smokey flavor. According to an ancient Icelandic tradition, it is made by slowly smoking sea salt over local birch.

6. Esprit du Sel Fleur de Sel

Esprit du Sel is the best Fleur de Sel on the market. It is harvested on the island of Ré, off France’s Atlantic coast, since the 7th century. The traditional fleur de sel is on the pricy side but it remains a favourite among pro chefs to date.

7. SoSalt Sea Salt


If you're on a tight budget, then the SoSalt sea salt should be your go-to. It is gathered from the ancient salt pans of Marsala and Trapani in easternmost Sicily, and is known for being rich in trace elements found in seawater, like magnesium, potassium and iodine.

There you have 7 kinds of sea salt to choose from! On a final note, we must stress the importance of correct measurements when applying sea salt. Because they typically have larger crystals than table salt, you must use 1.5 teaspoons of sea salt for every teaspoon of table salt.


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