Do you know how to eliminate bad smells from the refrigerator? In addition to periodic cleaning, you can use natural anti-smell remedies, which will remove any smell from your refrigerator, keeping it perfumed and sanitized.

How to clean the refrigerator to eliminate bad smells

To keep it perfumed and sanitized, it is a good idea to clean the refrigerator periodically:

  • Choose a time when it is less full, perhaps before the holidays or when you come back, or otherwise perform this operation when it is not very full.
  • Remove all foods from the refrigerator and store them in special refrigerator bags with ice.
  • Remove the electrical appliance plug and proceed with the removal of drawers and shelves.
  • Wash them under running hot water and vinegar or use a little dish soap.
  • For cleaning the internal parts you have several options, also useful to eliminate bad smells: you can prepare a mixture with water and bicarbonate, the proportion will be 50-50, or you can make a natural detergent with 60% of water and 40% of vinegar. Those who love the most intense fragrances can instead prepare a mixture with water and vanilla or almond extract in proportion 40 water and 60 extract.
  • Pass the mixture you have prepared on all the inside walls of the fridge, including the gaskets. Finally rinse with warm water and dry well before storing drawers and shelves and restart the refrigerator.
  • Repeat this cleaning once a month to keep the fridge sanitized and perfumed.
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Natural and do-it-yourself remedies to eliminate refrigerator smells, from bicarbonate to activated carbon

Once you have eliminated the "smelly" food and cleaned the fridge, you can use simple and natural do-it-yourself remedies to eliminate bad smells. Some effective grandma’s remedies to be placed inside the refrigerator, which will perform the function of absorbing odors, freeing our appliance from bad smells and preventing their appearance.

  1. Among the always valid remedies there is bicarbonate, you can use it in a glass to be placed in a corner of the refrigerator, to absorb odors purifying the air. Change it every week. Y
  2. You can then use bicarbonate in combination with tea tree essential oil, a powerful antibacterial. Pour into a small glass container 3 fingers of bicarbonate and 1 teaspoon of tea tree oil and stir, place it in a high shelf of the refrigerator, preferably near the fan, if your fridge is equipped with it.
  3. Also the vinegar is very useful, it disinfects and captures smells. Given its intense fragrance it will be enough only 1/2 glass for a medium size refrigerator, to be placed on a shelf of the fridge, and to be replaced every 7-10 days.
  4. Alternatively you can use lemon, in this case you will have to cut it into slices, which you will place in a bowl, before storing them in the refrigerator. Also in this case, the lemon must be replaced after a week. Also potato is good to absorbs odors, a grandma’s remedy which is always effective, just peel it and put it in the refrigerator. Replace it every 2 days until you have eliminated the bad smell. To make the remedy more effective, you can stick some cloves in the potato, to double its absorbency.
  5. If you are about to throw away the coffee pack, you can use it to eliminate bad smells for the refrigerator; place the pack on a high shelf ensuring that it remains open. Alternatively, you can spread some coffee beans on the various shelves to eliminate the bad smells from the refrigerator in a few days. Among the alternative remedies there is also activated carbon, the tablets used to reduce abdominal swelling. Place the tablets in a bowl and place it inside the refrigerator, better if on the high shelves, it will absorb the bad odors in a very short time.