Suffering from insomnia is a terrible thing, you just stay awake for hours and hours in bed thinking only about the fact that you have to sleep, and above all you wake up after a few hours tired, angry, nervous and in a bad mood. For the rest of the day you will feel exhausted, without having the necessary energy to face all the daily things you have to do.

Those who suffer from insomnia know it well, but they will be pleased to know that the best remedy has finally arrived to avoid infinite sleepless nights. It is a simple banana tisane, which will help you sleep peacefully. This fruit has innumerable health benefits, so that many people also use their skins in an "alternative" way. Banana is rich in magnesium and potassium, and it helps the muscles and blood vessels to relax. It is precisely for this that you must drink the tisane before going to bed, to stimulate sleep.

To prepare a banana tisane, just boil a banana in half a liter of water and, after filtering everything, add a teaspoon of honey. Although at first it will seem a too sweet drink, when you will lie down between your sheets, you will begin to see the results. It will no longer be necessary to count sheeps, to practice strange breathing techniques or to stand in bed hoping that the sleep will come, with the banana tisane you will fall asleep in the blink of an eye. Those who can no longer bear the problems of insomnia can therefore try this natural remedy; result guaranteed.