• White bread slices 3
  • Light cheddar cheese 4 tbsps, grated
  • Ham 3 very thin slices, roughly chopped
  • Mayonnaise 3/4 tbsp
  • Egg 1 large • 130 kcal
  • Full fat milk 2 tbsps
  • Salt a pinch • 1 kcal
  • Black pepper powder a pinch
  • Butter 1 tbsp • 717 kcal
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

This is a very hearty and filling sandwich… a hybrid variety of the classic ham and cheese sandwich and the French toast!

Place the three bread slices one next to the other on the kitchen counter. Evenly distribute the grated cheese on top of two of the three bread slices. Layer the cheese on two bread slices with chopped ham. Spread the mayonnaise evenly on both sides of the third bread slice, i.e., on both the top side and bottom side of the third bread slice. Place the mayonnaise smeared bread slice on top of one of the bread slice covered with the ham layer. Flip the mayonnaise topped bread sandwich on top of the last bread slice topped with ham layer so that the mayonnaise bread comes in between the two bread slices with ham and cheese layer.

Hold the sandwich together very firmly and trim off the sides of the 3 bread slices of the sandwich. Firmly compress the sandwich to squeeze in the layers together. Now, in a large bowl whisk the egg, milk, salt, and black pepper powder together until well combined. Heat the butter in a non-stick pan until it melts. Place the entire sandwich very carefully in the egg mixture to coat the sandwich in it from all sides.

Put the egg mixture coated sandwich in the heated pan with butter. Cook the sandwich on all sides until it turns golden brown in color. You will have to lift the sandwich vertically high or upend the sandwich to cook on the 4 sides as well. Once the sandwich is cooked to golden brown on all sides transfer it to the serving plate. Cut in to half and enjoy!


You may prefer to place the bread slices on top of the chopping board instead directly on the kitchen counter. This will ease your cleaning hassles later. Make sure you evenly distribute the cheese and ham on the bread slices. Try to put the fillings on the bread slice carefully so that the filling does not fall off the bread slice easily when handled later. Be very careful when you flip over the mayonnaise topped sandwich on the ham covered slices. Make sure you are holding the bread slices from the two ends very firms. Also, be careful to place the top of the sandwich very carefully so that the ham and cheese layer on either of the sides starts to fall off. You will have to use the entire palm of your hand to hold the sandwich together while trimming off the sides of the sandwich. You might use a heavy plate and place it flat on the top most bread slice to squeeze the sandwich together. Else, you may spread your palm of the hand widely over the entire bread slice at the top and press it gradually. Do not squeeze it too hard to make the filling fall off. Hold the sandwich very carefully while holding the sandwich high up to cook the 4 sides.

Nutritional information (per serving): 317 Calories, 17.7g Total fat (8g Saturated fat, 1.3g Polyunsaturated fat, 3.0g Monounsaturated fat), 130.2mg Cholesterol, 697.5mg Sodium, 97.6mg Potassium, 20.1g Total carbohydrates (1.1g Dietary fiber, 5g Sugars), 18.7g Protein