If you want to end a perfect lunch or dinner this dessert is the right choice!

Ingredients: 30ml of whipped cream, 300g of chocolate pudding, 2 packages of plain cookies, Milk to taste, Ground hazelnuts, Melted chocolate.


1)Make the filling by beating cream until stiff and mixing it with the chocolate pudding.

2) Coat a cake tin with plastic wrap and start making your cake.

3) Place first a layer of filling and then the cookies soaked in milk for a few seconds.

4) Continue arranging overlapping layers of filling and cookies, cover everything with the filling and freeze for two hours.

5) Decorate with ground hazelnuts and melted chocolate and serve!

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Ingredients: 18 pcs biscuits; 50g butter; 130g chocolate; 100g cream 33%; 150g cream cheese; Chocolate pudding; 1 cup milk; ½ cup whipped cream; 300g strawberry.


1)Put 18 pcs  biscuits into a mixer bowl and add 50g butter.

2) Mix it well.  Pour it out into a backing tray and refrigerate.

3) Put 100g chocolate into a bowl and add 100g 33% cream.

4) Microwave it , mix and then pour out onto the Oreo.

5) Filling: Put 150g  cream cheese into the bowl, add chocolate pudding, 1 cup milk, ½ cup whipped cream and mix.

6) Add 300g strawberry to backing tray and pour out our filling. Sprinkle 30g grated chocolate.

7) Chill for 30-40 minutes