• Shrimps 12
  • 00 flour 50 g • 517 kcal
  • Sparkling water 120 ml
  • Peanut oil 1 lt
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

Shrimp tempura is a traditional Japanese recipe based on shrimps, flour and water, a recipe that has become extremely popular all over the world for its light and crunchy breading. It can be served as an appetizer or as a main course, and it can be accompanied by sauces where to dip the shrimps. To have a perfect tempura, you have to dip the shrimps first in an iced batter and then fry them in hot oil.


Wash and dry carefully the shrimps (1). Clean them, removing the head and the carapace (2). Cut the shrimps every two centimeters with a sharp knife, so that they do not curl during cooking (3).

Prepare the batter by sifting the flour in a bowl and gradually pouring the water, blending with a whisk or with the help of a fork (4). Gently dip the shrimps into the batter, completely covering them (5). Let the oil heat up in the frying pan and, once the right temperature has been reached, immerse the shrimps into the oil and cook until the breading is golden and quite crispy. Let them dry on baking paper (6). Salt and serve with an appropriate sauce for tempura.

Shrimp Tempura tips

For a better result use king shrimps, even better if they are Italian.

Be sure the shrimps are fresh and not blackened: in fact the shrimps quickly deteriorate by blackening and producing ammonia smell, all alarm signals that should make you avoid them.

Cut the shrimps with a sharp knife, so that the heat of cooking in oil does not make the shrimps curl and lose shape.

Generally, my first advice in using flour is to sift it to avoid the formation of lumps inside the dough. This time, however, the advice is exactly the opposite: do not sift the flour and do not excessively blend the batter so that it remains slightly "grainy".

According tradition, for this recipe it is used rice flour, but you can replace it with a classic flour type 00.

Use sparkling water for the batter, to make it frothier.

The water must be strictly very cold, and the shrimps must be kept in the refrigerator until just before frying them, so that the thermal shock will make them extremely crispy.

Fry at a temperature of 180° C, in order to ensure a perfect cooking that is not very oily.

Let the shrimps dry on baking paper and salt only when served to prevent the salt from softening the breading, frustrating all your work.

How to store Shrimp Tempura

Being extremely fresh ingredients, and since you will fry them, it is highly recommended to consume shrimp tempura when it is served.