1. France: Café Au Lait

In France, coffee is most poultry consumed with milk, which is precisely what the term "café au lait" means. However, it is more than just a cup of coffee and cold milk. To achieve the distinctive taste of the cafe au lait, they brew the coffee, mixed with steamed milk. In typical cases, it is served with no foam on top.

2. Germany: Pharisäer

Germans like their coffee very sweet and quite fanciful too. The pharisäer is not your typical coffee blend; it is made with rum and whipped cream, then mixed with sugar to taste and served with whipped cream on top.

3. Greece: Frappé

Yes, this sounds much like a frappuccino, but, no, it is much more different. In Greece, the frappé is considered a refreshing summer drink; it contains instant coffee, water, sugar, and milk, depending on your preferences.

After preparation, it is shaken vigorously to create a beautiful foamy top, then served over ice.

4. Mexico: Cafe De Olla

This is a traditional Mexican beverage that is ages old and, thus, regarded as an integral part of their famously rich culture. It is a unique blend of three significant spices (cloves, anise, and cinnamon) and a minimally-processed sugar called piloncillo.

Traditionally, cafe de olla is made in an earthen clay pot, called an "olla," and served in similar clay mugs.

5. South Korea: Dalgona Coffee

If you are Instagram-savvy, you may have already seen or heard about the dalgona coffee already! This beautiful coffee is one of the ways South Koreans enjoy their coffee.

It is a mix of instant coffee or espresso powder, sugar, and hot water. The mixture is stirred until it turns beige and gains a thick, foamy texture. It is served over a glass of hot or cold milk.

6. Australia: Flat White

Australia's flat white is a concoction of espresso, a small amount of steamed milk, and a thin layer of microfoam. It typically has a potent coffee taste along with the steamed milk.

7. Brazil: Cafezinho

The term cafezinho means "little coffee," and it is a warm invitation to sit and enjoy your cup in Brazil. This coffee is very strong; it is served black but with a large amount of sugar.

8. Turkey: Türk Kahvesi

In Turkey, they enjoy the sweet türk kahvesi. It is made of finely ground coffee beans and mixed with sugar right before the water boils to make it delicious.

When adequately prepared, it makes a frothy foam on top.

9. Hong Kong: Yuanyang

The yuanyang is a brew of homemade milk tea and freshly brewed coffee. The milk tea is black tea mixed with condensed milk, making it creamy and sweet, the perfect accompaniment for coffee.

10. Italy: Espresso

Last but not least is the Espresso, which is native to Italy. It is prepared by machines where pressurized steam is pushed through ground coffee beans to create a very strong coffee with foam on top.

You can serve it any way you like depending on your preferences. Italians commonly prefer it with a small amount of milk and sugar or small dark shots of it.