• Flour type 00 240 grams
  • Dark Chocolate 350 grams
  • Sweet white yogurt 180 grams
  • Sugar 175 grams • 470 kcal
  • Seed oil 100 grams
  • Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
  • Baking powder for cakes 16 grams
  • Eggs 3 • 130 kcal
  • Egg yolks 1
Calories refers to 100 gr of product

The yogurt and chocolate cake is a sweet dessert, with an irresistible aroma: yogurt and seed oil make this cake very soft, while chocolate gives an aromatic and delicious note. Preparing it is really simple: a light dessert, without butter, which you can also prepare to use the remaining yogurt in the refrigerator, excellent to enjoy for breakfast or snack. You can use the yogurt and chocolate cake also as a base for cakes: it is useful to every filling. Here's how to prepare it in just a few steps!


Chop the dark chocolate (1) and melt it in a bain-marie or in the microwave, mix it from time to time until it is completely melted. As soon as it is ready, let it cool down. (2) In a bowl, place the eggs with the sugar (3) and work with a whisk or in a planetary mixer until obtaining a frothy mixture.

Now add the yogurt (4) a little at a time. As soon as it is well combined, the essence of vanilla and then the seed oil. Mix well and add the flour sifted with baking powder a little at a time: as soon as it is well absorbed, add the melted chocolate and continue to work the dough, until it is smooth and homogeneous. Grease a 24 cm cake tin and cover it with parchment paper: pour the dough inside (5) and level it with a spatula. Bake in preheated oven at 170 degrees for about 45 minutes: always do the toothpick test before taking it out of the oven. If you use the ventilated oven, heat it to 150 ° C and cook for about 35 minutes. Once ready, take it out of the oven and leave it to cool. You can then sprinkle with powdered sugar, or taste it as it is. Your yogurt and chocolate cake is ready to be served. (6)


Always let the melted chocolate cool down, before adding it to the other ingredients, to avoid "cooking" the eggs and compromising the leavening.

To get an even softer cake, you can replace the classic yogurt with Greek yogurt, even more creamy.

Those who prefer can replace the essence of vanilla with grated orange peel.

If you love the combination of yogurt and chocolate you can also prepare the cake with 7 chocolate jars, simple to prepare but really greedy.

You can fill the yogurt and chocolate cake as you like or simply cover it with a chocolate ganache, to make it even more irresistible.


Alternatively, you can prepare the yogurt cake with chocolate drops: in this case you can make the cake even without dark chocolate, or you can add the drops to your dessert to give a crunchy and delicious note. In any case, add to the ingredients about 200 grams of chocolate drops. Put them in the freezer during the preparation, lightly flour them and add them to the dough as the last ingredient, before baking.

How to preserve the yogurt and chocolate cake

You can preserve the yogurt and chocolate cake for 3 days covered with transparent film or under a glass jar.