Are you a bit bored with triple chocolate chip cookies? Have a look and drool over the various types of cookies around the world instead.

1. Alfajores

If you’re a cookie monster, you’ll love the Argentinian way of eating these little shortbread sandwiches – they are often eaten for breakfast there. The cookies are filled with a creamy dulce de leche, and often rolled in coconut shavings. There are worse ways to start the day!

2. Austrian Vanillekipfer

You might have trouble pronouncing the name, but I bet you’d have no problem putting away several of these buttery shortbread snacks. They are made with ground almonds, dusted with vanilla sugar, and the name vanillekipferl translates to ‘vanilla moon’ according to Curious Cuisiniere. It’s a traditional Christmas cookie in Vienna, and is very popular.

3. Nanaimo Bars

These Canadian treats originate from the city of Nanaimo, in British Columbia, and feature layers of wafer cookies, chocolate and custard.

4. Paprenjak

These are traditional Croatian biscuits with a twist! They include black pepper, along with honey, nuts, egg and spices. They are also stamped with a unique decoration.

5. Classic Madeleines

Madeleine is technically a sponge cake, but it’s dainty enough to qualify as a cookie. These buttery, shell-shaped treats are popular in France.

6. Kourabiedes

These Greek shortbread biscuits have a signature flavour, which is down to the almonds. They are bite sized, and dusted with powdered sugar, which makes just having one very difficult indeed.

7. Indian Nankhatai

These butter shortbread cookies get their rich and unique flavour from ghee, which is a type of clarified butter popular in India. Indians enjoy them a lot during Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights.

8. Reshteh Khoshkar

These Iranian delicacies are deep fried, which sounds good to us! They are made from rice flour, cardamom, ginger, cinnamon, and walnuts before being deep-fried and drenched in syrup. They are also the traditional biscuit of Ramadan.

9. Amaretti

Biscotti are great, but have you tried amaretti? They are essentially a chewy almond flavoured macaroon, crisp on the outside and soft inside. They pair well with coffee or gelato.

10. Stroopwafels

These treats originated in Gouda, which is also famous for its cheese. These cookies are thin waffles with a syrupy centre, and are usually served with coffee or tea for a really clever reason. When they are placed on top of the cup like a lid, the hot steam softens the cookie up so it can be eaten at its best. Ah, those ingenious Netherlanders!