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10 Everyday Food Items You Won’t Believe Contain Lots Of Sugar

If you are already trying the sugar-free diet, kudos to you! It is a tough one, especially when there are so many food items that contain way more sugar than people think they do.

By Cookist

Eating lots of sugar can damage your health; a diet high in sugar is commonly linked to fatal ailments like obesity, cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases. This is why it is necessary to sensitize the public on the dangers of sugary foods, how to break the sugar habit and foods that surprisingly hide a lot of sugar.

If you are already trying the sugar-free diet, kudos to you! It is a tough one, especially when there are so many food items that contain way more sugar than people think they do. Prepare for surprises; here are ten such foods:

1. Spaghetti sauce

You may not consider it sweet, but that doesn't mean it's sugar-free. Many spaghetti sauces have a tomato base; they contain natural sugar, and yet, just as many of them also contain added sugar!

2. Protein bars


Protein bars sound wholesome and are commonly believed to be healthy. However, there are a great number of them that contain added sugar, so watch out.

3. Chocolate milk

Simply put, chocolate milk is a mixture of cocoa, milk, and a sweetener, most commonly sugar. However, it is wrong to think that the drink is nutritious because it contains milk, a rich source of protein and vitamins.

Milk itself is a very nutritious drink. It's a rich source of nutrients that are great for bone health, including calcium and protein. The amount of added sugar should dissuade you!

4. Low-fat yogurt


Yogurt is very nutritious, but like most other low-fat products, low-fat yogurt contains high amounts of sugar. Don't let the "low fat" tag confuse you; it is best advised that you go for full fat, natural, or Greek yogurt.

5. Vitaminwater

Unlike the common saying that Vitaminwater is healthy because it contains vitamins and minerals, experts say it contains around 100 calories and 30 grams of sugar! Next time, choose plain water (add lime if it tastes too boring), or Vitaminwater with zero sugar content.

6. Ketchup


Like most other tomato-based Spreads, ketchup commonly contains a great amount of sugar. If you can't skip ketchup, reduce your portion size.

7. Breakfast Cereal

Cereal is the ideal breakfast item because it is quick and easy to prepare. However, you may need to watch out for them from now on as they contain added sugars. Since you may especially tend to eat it every day, it is advised that you choose one high in fiber and void of sugar. Even better, skip the cereal, eat a filling protein meal instead.

8. Fruit Juice


Fruits are super-packed with nutrients, fiber, and natural sugars, so many people think fruit juices are a better option than soda. That is far from the truth.

A carton of fruit juice may contain equal amounts of sugar to sugary drinks like soda because lots of fruits are needed to produce one small glass of fruit juice.

9. Sports Drinks

If you exercise, then you may have mistaken sports drinks to be a healthy option. However, it's otherwise. Sports drinks are made to hydrate and fuel trained athletes during prolonged, intense periods of exercise, so they contain high amounts of sugar.

If you are not a trained athlete, drink water instead.

10. Granola


Manufacturers often advertise granolas as a low-fat food fit for healthy eating. Yet, it contains a staggering amount of calories and sugar. If you love granola, make your own or buy one with less added sugar.

Other notable mentions of foods that surprisingly contain high amounts of sugar include canned fruits, canned beans, flavored coffee, BBQ sauce, iced teas, pre-made soups, and smoothies. Ultimately, never forget to check the labels of any food item you're buying for sugar and its different forms.

Remember, health is wealth!

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