Read on to know more about the foods that can fatten you in no time!

Consuming too many calories is the primary cause of weight gain. Most of the processed foods are loaded with calories, some of them are as follows.


Sugary and carbonated drinks are practically the most fattening food ever as it is loaded with empty calories. Many studies also support that people who consume sugary soda are at an increased risk of obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart problem, and cancer.

Sweetened coffee

Coffee that has been sweetened with added sugar is likely to increase your waistline and health problems.

Ice cream


Most of the ice creams are sweetened with sugar and have a high amount of fat, which will unnecessary loads your body with calories.


Pizza that has been prepared commercially is the typical junk food as it is high in calories, fat, and refined carbs. Adding processed meats that have been smoked, cured, or salted to pizza makes it more detrimental for your health. Instead, visit a good pizzeria or prepare pizza at home with fresh ingredients.

Doughnuts and cookies

These foods are also loaded with sugar, refined carbs, and fat. It is advised that you must stick to a very small portion size whenever the craving strikes.

Potato chips and fries

These fried snacks are high on calories as it practically contains mere carbs, fat, and sodium. Accompany this with another processed food, that is ketchup, and you are sure to find a bulky version of yourself in no time.

Peanut butter

If prepared with no preservatives and consumed in moderate amount, peanut butter is considered healthy. But, commercially available peanut butter is often high in sugar, salt, and hydrogenated vegetable oils, which makes it an unhealthy food choice.

Milk chocolate


Milk and white chocolates are usually loaded with added fat and sugar, which makes it an unhealthy and fattening food product.

Fruit juice

Most of the commercially available fruit juices have added sugar and low fiber content that can result in unnecessary weight gain.

Other processed foods

Consumption of convenience based meals and processed foods are extremely unhealthy for your health as these contain added sugar, fat, and salt.