Read on to know about different ways in which you can serve bacon to your guests!

Bacon has a unique smoky and salty taste that is so appealing and versatile! Here are some incredibly fancy ways in which you can add bacon to various food preparations.

In salads

 You can add bacon bits to create a lovely fruit-based salad with green apple slices and some fresh red and green lettuce leaves. Bring it all together with a lovely almond oil-based salad dressing using spices of your choice.

As crispies

deep fried bacon

Make your very own version of rice crispies by adding peanut butter and bacon bits to it.

In cheesecakes

You will be surprised that how nicely candied bits of bacon goes well with ricotta cheesecake and fig jam prepared using a dash of bourbon in it.

In pancakes

Make a slightly earthy tasting pancake by adding bacon bits to buckwheat based pancake recipe that is prepared using brown sugar.

As dip


This will certainly blow you away, as you will not believe how just by adding bacon bits to southern style dip can enhance the taste of practically every crispy snack that is served with it.

In pizza

homemade pizza recipe

Well, it should not come as a surprise to you as adding bacon strips to the crusty pizza dish can make you drool over it.


Well, why not? Try adding bacon bits to the basic cupcake frosting. You can also add a generous splash of bourbon and maple syrup to add depth to the cupcake frosting.

As a side

Enjoy a unique creamier version of bacon as sides by adding it to some greens and then dressing everything with a creamy herbed salad dressing such as the Thousand Island dressing.

As a snack

Make easy bacon based snacks by filling some good quality ricotta in jalapeno peppers and then wrapping it with bacon strips. Cook it by baking or grilling to enjoy the delectable bacon jalapeno poppers.

In cookies

Add bacon strips to chocolate chip cookies prepared with oatmeal flour as an on-the-go kind of breakfast dish.