If you thought your kitchen tools only have to do the job it’s made for, think again! We have a few interesting ways to rethink the kitchen items you have on hand!

Muffin Tin

If you thought that muffin tins are only good for muffins, then think again. You can also use them to make popover pans. Seriously, who needs an additional pop over pan anyway – especially if you don’t make them every day. You can also use the small holes of the muffin pan for mise and place. Instead of using several tiny bowls and ramekins, you can use the muffin tin to store your measured ingredients!

Old condiment bottles

Once your ketchup or mustard is finished, don’t throw the bottle away! Fill it with pancake batter and you’ll have perfectly cooked pancakes every time. This is especially useful if you’re making pancake cereal (miniature pancakes) or roti jala (lace pancakes). You have much better control over the batter so you can create anything you like.

Garlic press

We bet you didn’t know you could do anything else with a garlic press. Well, next time you want to crack some nuts, but cannot find your nutcracker, then this is the tool to use! This is especially useful smaller nuts like pistachios. Only crack large nuts if you have a strong, good quality garlic press.

Cookie cutters

If you’re storing away your cookie cutters, only to use them once a year for your cookie baking day, then take them out again. You can use cookie cutters as creative napkin holders. This works great if you have unexpected guests and no napkin holders on hand!

Plastic bags

Plastic bags have many uses. We used it to store lunch, nuts, or even to freeze foods. But did you know you can use it in baking? Instead of buying an expensive piping bag, you can use a Ziploc bag! Simply fill the bag with your frosting, snip off a small corner and frost away!

Ice cream scoop

Ice cream scoops are very useful for scooping out ice cream, but they can do other things too! Use then to scoop out perfectly round balls of cookie dough. This will save you a lot of time, and your cookie size will also be more consistent. You can also use the ice cream scoop to scoop out melon or pumpkin seeds!

Rolling pin

Any serious home cook will have a good quality rolling pin in their kitchen. It’s such a versatile tool. Use it to roll out cookie dough (this one is quite obvious), or to flatten other foods. Instead of using a mallet to flatten chicken breast, you can use the rolling pin. If you need softened butter, simply place butter in parchment paper, and use the rolling pin to roll out the butter until warm and softened.

Pizza wheel

A pizza wheel works great at slicing pizza, but because the blade is so sharp, it’s also useful for other things. Use it to make quick work of mincing fresh herbs or salad leaves. If you want uniformly sliced deli meat, you can place it on a chopping board and use the pizza wheel to slice the meat into strips.

Cocktail shaker

If you like a cocktail every now and then, you probably have a cocktail shaker in the cupboard. Next time, you make breakfast, make sure to use it (no, not for cocktails!). If you want perfectly scrambled eggs, then why not use your cocktail shaker. Simply add your eggs and seasoning to the cocktail shaker, give it a good shake and pour into a medium hot pan.

Ice cube tray

Don’t think an ice cube tray is only for ice cubes. The small size of the ice cube holes makes it perfect to freeze other things. Like what, you ask? Well, you can freeze leftover fresh herbs (simply add a little water and oil), yoghurt, or baby food (it makes perfectly small portions). It’s also great for adding tomato sauce or pastes. Instead of wasting sauces, freeze the last bit of sauce and use it later.