10 Things That Don’t Belong In The Recycle Bin And How To Dispose of Them Properly

Waste management is an integral part of everyday life. First off, if you are going through the recycling rule by classifying your waste into recyclables and trash that can decompose, then kudos! However, for the next time you are doing this, you will need to know the materials that you should never include in your recycle bin and how best to discard them so that you don't pose a danger to or make things difficult for waste collectors.

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1. Pyrex


Never throw any broken bakeware, regardless of its size, out with your jars. Pyrex glasses are specially created to withstand a great amount of heat, so during the process of recycling, they don't melt down correctly with the other glass types.

The proper way to dispose of pyrex is by covering it, so it doesn't harm anyone then place it in your regular waste bin.

2. Styrofoam Containers


You should also never throw styrofoam cups or plates on the recycle bin. These objects seem easily malleable and like they might be useful again, but it's still no, they don't always belong in the recycle bin.

Not many recycling centers take them, so it is best to seek out one near you that will. The website, search.earth911.com, will prove very helpful.

3. Mirrors


Your mirror has a reflective coating that is pretty much the reason it works as a mirror. However, this coating makes it very hard to recycle.

So if you're looking to throw one out, you can choose to sell, give it out or even donate to an artist that uses them.

4. Light Bulbs


Light bulbs and other objects like them, e.g., CFLS, fluorescent, contain mercury, so it is improper to toss them in the recycle bin or the trash.

It is best advised that you search for a recycling center that takes them and where you should drop them off

5. Half-full Aerosol Cans


Leaving things in aerosol cans is considered dangerous to you and others. So, make sure any you're about to throw out is empty.

To properly dispose of them, contact the recycling center close to you to know if they take empty aerosol cans. If they do, make sure to remove the plastic cap before placing it in the recycling bin.

6. Drinking Glasses


Much like the first mention on this list, the Pyrex, drinking glasses are treated with chemicals that help them withstand both hot and cold temperatures.
Therefore, they won't melt with ordinary glass jars; they are best disposed of, wrapped in paper, and thrown into the trash can.

7. Ceramics


Ceramics don't melt at all, so they can't be recycled the typical way. Instead, sell or donate them if they're in good condition.

If otherwise, you can drop them off at construction sites where they can crush them down to make concrete, etc.

8. Hangers


Wire hangers easily get caught in recycling machinery, but you can donate them to scrap metal businesses that are properly equipped to deal with the wiry forms.

9. Packing Peanuts


As mentioned for styrofoam, recycling centers that will accept your old packing peanuts are rare.

The best thing to do is reuse them when you send a package again, or call up local shipping centers to see if they need them.

10. Plastic Bags


Most recycling centers are equipped to manage sturdy plastic materials, not those as soft as plastic bags. However, there are a few facilities that can take them; you can find one via plasticfilmrecycling.org.

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