11 Filling Meals That Only Require A Humble Head Of Cabbage

Cabbage is commonly overlooked; this may be because of how basic it looks beside other vegetables or how very little is really known about it. Yet, it is one of the vegetables that are very easy to prepare and can be incorporated into nearly any meal. Here, we have outlined some of our favorite meals, where cabbage is the star!

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There are many reasons to love cabbages. Their fresh crunchiness and slight sweetness make them a good base for any dish, whether it is a hearty bowl of warm food or a filling salad.

They are also super packed with nutrients and are commonly described as one of the anti-carcinogenic foods. Even better, cabbages are generally cheap on the market and last very long when stored in a fridge!

You really can't ever go wrong with any of these meals:

1. Cabbage Rolls


Cabbage rolls are easy to do and can make either sides or a whole meal, depending on your functional needs. Cabbage is cleaned and used as a wrap; the filling can include but isn't limited to fish, meat, shrimp, rice, and seasonings. The wraps are then slowly cooked in a tomato sauce.

2. Cabbage Hash


Healthy food doesn't have to be boring, and this cabbage hash is proof of that. With mere leftovers of ham, cheese, beef, fish, and other veggies, you can make a filling cabbage hash to pair with eggs for you and your loved ones.

3. Cabbage Kimchi


If you are a fan of k-dramas or Asian cuisine, then you probably already know what kimchi is. If not, kimchi is simply a combination of vegetables and tasty sauce to make a condiment that can be paired with ANY dish.

This spicy Korean cabbage kimchi is spicy, tangy, and delicious; you definitely won't regret giving it a try!

4. Stir-Fried Noodles With Cabbage


Stir-fried noodles always make for delicious eats but add cabbage, and you'll enjoy the crispy notes even more. All you need is noodles, pasta, ramen, homemade noodles, or any other you have at home, eggs, leftover vegetables, and favorite seasonings.

This recipe definitely won't break the bank!

5. Stir-Fried Spicy Cabbage


This is the go-to recipe for when you miss your much-needed trip to the grocery store. You only need a head of cabbage and a few eggs. To prepare, heat a pan over high heat, drizzle oil, add chopped cabbage, stir-fry it until it is crisp-tender, and then add soy sauce and chili sauce.

Let the mixture sizzle for a few more minutes then serve with fried eggs.

6. Cabbage Stew/Soup


Stews and soups are delicious and require just one pot! Regardless of the recipe, you may have, whether it is fancy French or hearty Italian, cabbage can be the secret ingredient that will make yours rightly rustic and homely.

7. Cabbage Slaw


This recipe is ready in about five minutes; just let cabbage be the star. Shred a cabbage head, apply your favorite dressing, a dash of seasoning, then give it a toss. You may choose to add nuts, other vegetables, and fruits; healthy eating couldn't get fancier!

8. Braised Red Cabbage


Braised red cabbage goes well with many meals, steaks, grilled fish, soups, and stews. To prepare, pour oil into a pan then add your cut cabbage, vinegar, and brown sugar. Let the content simmer over medium-high heat for about an hour and let the whole thing simmer until the cabbage is tender, about an hour.

9. Roasted Cabbage Wedges


Dice or shred a head of cabbage and toss with oil, salt, cayenne pepper, and some caraway seeds. Place the pan in an oven and let the cabbages roast; add potatoes, eggplant, or chicken to make a filling meal.

10. Baja Fish Tacos


This meal is a very authentic one as it explores Baja-style cuisine. Instead of lettuce, as is commonly used, the fish tacos are topped with cabbage.

The recipe requires you to fry any white fish, slip them into warm corn or flour tortillas, and add shredded cabbage, salsa, fresh Mexican cheese (queso fresco), and a squeeze of lime.

11. Red Lentil and Cabbage Dal


Put lentils and shredded cabbage together, and you've got a nutritious meal. The lentils are highly proteinous, so the meal leaves you very filled. Simmer the red lentils until they are soft, then add cabbage cooked with your favorite spices and voila, dinner is ready.

Do you know of any other delicious cabbage dish?

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